Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/14/2015
Name: Adler
ID: #201511

Sex: M
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: N

Adler is a very handsome, young male GSD. He appears to be under a year old, just barely an adolescent.

Adler's personality is still that of a big puppy -- curious, playful, and full of mischief. He likes to explore and use his smart mind to see what fun he can find. He thus requires an adopter who appreciates the challenge of supervising a very clever, curious, energetic dog.

He's been friendly to every person he's met. He's even been very good with the young kids in his foster home. He has a sweet demeanor that brightens the day of those around him.

Adler can be strong on a leash. In his foster home, he's been working on learning leash manners. He will thrive with an adopter committed to continuing his training in a positive-method obedience course.

Like most exuberant adolescent GSDs, Adler likes to rough-house with other playful dogs. He's good with other large dogs who enjoy a rough-and-tumble play style. He's also been fine around the dog-savvy cats in his foster home, but when they start running, it's "game on." However, he respects cats who aren't afraid of him and put him in his place.

Raising a well-behaved German Shepherd puppy requires a substantial time commitment, patience, and love. Adler will thrive in an active home where he will get lots of exercise, play, and continued training. He recently tested negative for heartworms.