Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/10/2014
Name: Vanilla
ID: #48634

Sex: F
Age: 1
Heartworm: N

Vanilla (a/k/a 'Nilla) is a young, white German Shepherd. She still has some growing to do and has lots of "puppy" still in her personality.

This girl is a world-class snuggler. If you're looking for a dog that will worship the ground you walk on, and shadow you around the house, she's your girl. There's nothing that makes her happier than being close to her people.

She loves playing with other dogs, and especially with toys. She still has the exuberance of a young dog, so she tends to jump on people when excited. That's an easy behavior to work through. She loves praise, and she learns very quickly.

'Nilla has had excellent house manners in her foster home. She walks very nicely on a leash too. She's an all-around easy dog with a sweet, loving disposition.