Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 4/13/14
Name: Sid
ID: #43668

Sex: M
Age: Under 1 year
Adoption Fee: $200
Heartworm status: Yes (in treatment)

Sid is likely 6-10 months old--most likely 8-10 months, but possible as young as 6-8 months. It's difficult to be certain early in adolescence -- be we are confident he's under a year old as he's still growing. He still has the personality of a puppy too!

He's living in his foster home without any house accidents, and he's even smart enough to let his people know when he needs to go outside for some "business." He enjoys meeting new people and going on outings.

He's good with the cats in his foster home, and he appears to love kids. He is living with older kids in his foster home (we have not tested him with tiny children though). He's living successfully with other dogs in his foster home too.

Sid still has the personality of a big puppy. He absolutely loves to play with other big dogs. He has a loud, rough-and-tumble play style that can be offputting to some shy dogs, but he means no harm. His favorite game is to play chase with other dogs. He loves to "talk" -- this is a vocal breed, and he's exceptionally talkative, even for a GSD.

Sid's leash work is excellent. He loves going for walks and naturally matches his pace to his person. He's VERY smart: within a week of being in foster care, he learned to open most of the doors in the house, and he can even understand who in the family you want him to go get, by name. He's got the GSD "sorting gene" -- sorting objects by type, and he likes to carry around his favorite items (esp. toys).

Although very affectionate and loving in his foster home, he seems to have not been well socialized in the past in the world outside the home. He can be overly protective of his people when he's out in public in unfamiliar situations. He sometimes reacts to these unfamiliar situations by barking. He needs a good leader to continue socializing him and working on his confidence in new situations to work through that reaction. Solid obedience training is likely to be very helpful to boosting his self-confidence. Experience with the breed would be very beneficial. If you love puppies, Sid is a big puppy waiting to romp and play!