Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 3/12/14
Name: Sasha
ID: #201408

Sex: M
Age: 1 year (approximate)
Heartworm: Yes (in treatment)

Sasha is a very handsome male German Shepherd. He appears to be barely a year old --still an adolescent in this breed. His head and body shape look like he's probably from working lines, but he would love to be a beloved member of someone's family. His personality is very sweet.

Sasha is an extraordinary ball dog. Nothing makes him happier than having someone throw a ball for him. For a dog like him, fetching isn't just a silly game, it's a job that gives him a purpose. He takes this job very seriously.

He's a smart boy who appears to have already had some obedience training -- he knows sit and down, and may even have some leash work. His foster family is helping him to sharpen up some of his obedience skills, but Sasha would love to have an adopter who would take him through a formal class as a bonding exercise. He would make his person look like a pro and be the star of the class!

Sasha is currently living in a foster home with older children, other dogs, and cats. He gets along wonderfully with everyone. He's even respectful of the cats.

Sasha is a prince of a dog. He wants to be a devoted, loyal friend.