Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 1/18/14
Name: Sampson
ID: #42646

Sex: M
Age: Young

Sampson appears to be a long-haired German Shepherd Dog. Long-haired GSDs are rare to see in shelters and rescues. He's estimated to be just two years old -- still an adolescent, not quite even an adult yet.

He's quite small for a male -- just 52 pounds, but he's very underweight right now. Once he gets some "groceries" in his foster home, we expect he'll likely be closer to 60 pounds soon.

It's obvious Sampson was once a beloved pet who expects the best of people. He believes every person he meets is going to be a wonderful new friend. In the shelter where we found him, when we first met him, he clamored enthusiastically for our attention, trying to out-compete his neighbors with sheer enthusiasm. He was trying SO hard to be noticed and make a friend. He seems to love people and is great company.

He's a lovable goof. He's wiggly and full of happy-go-lucky silliness. He sits on command, and it appears someone once started a little basic obedience with him. He's very comfortable and easy to handle on a leash. He's also already house trained.

He's good with other dogs -- and is even good with cats! He's very well behaved on outings (and likes going to dog supply places) -- he would be a great dog for someone who likes to take their dog to work.

He also seems to enjoy the attention of care and grooming -- he's even very patient and accommodating when his toe-nails are trimmed, without any fussing or whining.

Sampson is as easy-going as a dog as you'll find in this breed. He has the kind of temperament that would make him a great "first dog" for a new dog owner, or someone who wants to adopt their first GSD.