Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 10/4/14
Name: Sadie
ID: #46978

Sex: F
Age: 7-9
Heartworm: N

Sadie is a grand dame with a big presence. She weighs about 90 pounds, which puts her at the high end of the breed standard for a female. We estimate she's over 7 years old (probably 7-9). She tested negative for heartworm disease.

Despite her age, this golden girl has a lot of pep. She is still playful and loves to walk.

Sadie's personality and health condition tells us she's used to being someone's beloved pet. We have a feeling she likely belonged to an elderly person, and she either outlived her person or lost her home for some other tragic reason.

She's friendly and charming with people. In a foster home, she left the cats alone too. We would like to place Sadie as an only dog. Though she loves to play with other dogs, her play style is very dominant. She can get overly excited, especially with smaller dogs, which might cause her to hurt them because she's so big.

Sadie suffers from some creaky joints, which is normal for her age. She's responding very nicely to a low dose of a mild pain reliever, good supplements, and gentle exercise to continue feeling great.

If you have a quiet home and are looking for a low-key companion as your only dog, you won't find a more lovely lady than Sadie.