Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/22/14
Name: Nunny
ID: #42258

Sex: F
Age: 1-2 years

Nunny is a female German Shepherd Dog. We believe she's likely just 1-2 years old. She appears to still be growing a little and filling out.

Nunny is very affectionate and playful in her foster home. Once she trusts her person, she gives wonderful little kisses. She loves to greet her family in the morning with a wagging tail and "sugars." She also loves to cuddle too. We think she's going to bond very deeply with her adopter -- she doesn't give her trust and love easily to every stranger she meets, but she's incredibly loving and loyal to her people.

She enjoys the company of other dogs (especially males) and is happy in a multi-dog household. She delights in playing with toys. She especially loves to play puzzle games. She's not a rambunctious, though, and is great company in the home.

She's very observant with a keen intelligence. She is alert and protective of her home, like any good German Shepherd ought to be. She thrives on positive-method obedience training. She seems to have a preference for women, though she will also bond with men when given a little more time.

Nunny would prefer a quiet household, without small children.

Nunny is house trained. She's able to stay inside the home accident-free when her foster-parents go to work.