Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 1/5/15
Name: Niko
ID: #201424

Sex: M
Age: 8 months
Heartworm: N

Niko is a gorgeous 8-month old male German Shepherd Dog. He was given up by an owner unable to keep him due to restrictions in his apartment.

Niko has been great with small kids and other dogs in his foster home. He's young and exuberant, so he may knock little children down by accident out of excitement, but he means no harm. While playing tug with a 4-year-old recently in his foster home, he adjusted his play style to try to be extra-gentle with the toddler. That's a very special thing to see in a dog this young.

Niko is already potty trained and knows many basic obedience commands including sit, down, come, and wait. He's working on learning to heel now. He's very praise-motivated and biddable, making him a delight to train.

Niko loves to follow his favorite person around the house. Whatever his person is doing is what he wants to be doing! He will bond very deeply with someone who puts in the time to work with him.

Niko tested negative for heartworms. That means he's already able to be a jogging buddy and engage in lots of exercise. He's looking for an active home where he will get lots of attention. Obedience training is part of the way Niko bonds with his person, so a commitment to continue working on his training is essential.

Niko gets anxious when left alone for long periods of time. He would prefer a home where someone is home at least part of the day, as he is quite unhappy being left for long periods. He's working on being alone for longer periods in his foster home, but he'd just as soon have a mom or dad who works from home, or who has a job that allows a dog to come to work.