Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 9/20/2014
Name: Leair
ID: #201415

Sex: F
Age: 7+
Heartworm: N

If you are looking for a calm, easy German Shepherd who is an excellent companion, Leair is your girl! She's a beautiful long-haired ("coated") German Shepherd Dog. She would make a terrific first-dog for someone looking for an easy dog.

Leair is house trained, and she loves being close to her people. She also enjoys playing with other sociable dogs. She's terrific around cats. She also loves kids. In her foster home, she's displayed an excellent temperament, and a heart of gold.

She is 7+ years old, but don't let her age fool you -- this golden girl still loves to play and is full of spunk. She has a sweet, goofy streak that makes her a lot of fun.

She was a beloved companion her whole life, living happily with an elderly couple who adored her from puppyhood. She lost her home when one of them passed away, and the other went to a nursing home. She's shown she is ready to bond with a new family--she's wonderfully affectionate and loving in her foster home.

Leair suffers from epilepsy, but don't let that stop you from adopting her: it's easily controlled with medication. Her medication is a generic drug that can cost under $15/month at any human pharmacy. In fact, since we got her in foster care, she has not had a single seizure now that she's on the right medicine. She also tested negative for heartworm disease.