Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/5/2014
Name: June
ID: #46151

Sex: F
Age: 2
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

June is a gorgeous 2-year-old female -- still an adolescent. She has beautiful dark coloring that is highly sought-after by many who love the breed.

June's personality in her foster home reflects some of the best traits of the breed: she's attentive to her chosen person and very eager to please. She is happiest when she's able to follow her person around the house and yard. She's aloof and cautious when she meets human strangers but utterly devoted to her people.

She lives with young kids in her foster home, and she's been very good with them. She's exuberant when she plays, so she's likely to knock over toddlers or very small kids, but she can be a nice playmate for older kids.

She's been curious about the cat she lives with, but she's been very respectful of it and has shown no aggression.

She's gets along with dogs, as long as they aren't dominant or pushy. We think she would prefer not to live with an "alpha female" dog, but she's been okay with other dogs.