Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/12/2014
Name: Josey
ID: #201414

Sex: F
Age: 1.5
Heartworm: N

Introducing Josey, a gorgeous 18-month-old female GSD. Josey is a fully-registered GSD with a full pedigree. In fact, she's got several "vom Kirschental" dogs in her family tree--one of the most famous old German kennels known for West German show lines.

She's very petite (around 50-55 pounds or so), but well within the breed standard. She is still so young that we expect her to continue filling out, as she's just an adolescent. Her former owner bought her as a puppy from a breeder but was unable to continue caring for her.

She's more than just a pretty face with a nice pedigree though--she's also utterly charming.

Josey is friendly and affectionate. She's happy-go-lucky, with an easy disposition. She makes new friends easily and is attentive to her people. She likes to play ball, but she's even happier to be pet and offer sweet angel-kisses to show you how much she likes being your friend. She's looking for a family where she'll be lavished with attention, where her people will appreciate how loving she can be.

Josey has been fine with the other dogs we've tested her with, including a very small one at a dog park. We evaluated her with a child, and she was good. She allowed the child to chase her, take toys from her, and romp.

Josey is has shown us a marvelous disposition. She's ready to start her "happily ever after" with a very lucky adopter.