Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/12/2014
Name: Hobbs
ID: #201413

Sex: M
Age: 2
Heartworm: N

Meet Hobbs, a handsome 2-year-old male GSD. Hobbs is a fully-registered GSD with a full pedigree. In fact, he's got several "vom Kirschental" dogs in his family tree--one of the most famous old German kennels known for West German show lines.

He's on the small side for a male (around 65 pounds or so), but well within the breed standard. His former owner bought him as a puppy from a breeder but was unable to continue caring for him.

He recently tested negative for heartworms. It's very rare in rescue to find a dog with a registered pedigree, this young, who is also heartworm negative!

He has fabulous ball drive and will happily chase a ball as long as someone is willing to throw for him. He's used to having some acreage, and we're told he likes to swim. He's enjoying being inside in the air-conditioning of his foster home.

Hobbs has a serious, business-like personality. He needs a job to have a purpose in life. He would likely thrive with some good obedience training to activate his drive and stimulate his brain. We think he would thrive and adore the bonding experience of training exercises with a new owner.

Hobbs has been fine with the other dogs we've tested him with, including a very small one at a dog park. He demonstrated some reactivity on a leash, but once off-leash he relaxed and ignored other dogs in order to focus on his beloved ball. We think that reaction was likely a training issue that needs to be worked through that's very much related to the leash.

We evaluated him with a child, and he was good. He allowed the child to chase him, take toys from him, and romp.

Hobbs bonds very deeply with his favorite person. He's the kind of dog who thinks his person hung the sun and moon. When he gives his heart to his next owner, we have promised him it will be forever.