Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 6/14/2014
Name: Hans II
ID: #201412

Sex: M
Age: 2
Heartworm: No

Hans is a handsome German Shepherd youngster. He's about two years old, which means he's just barely "teen-aged" in dog years. This breed doesn't reach adulthood until around three.

Hans tested negative for heartworm disease.

He's a playful boy with lots of energy. He still has some "puppy" in his personality. He's looking for an active home that will give him plenty of exercise.

Hans has been friendly and fun in his foster home. He's been wonderful with every creature he's met so far--large, and small. He likes kids, cats, and other dogs.

Since he's still a goofy puppy at heart, he has a tendency to jump on people--a habit that's easy to fix through good training. His exuberance and energy needs to be channeled through some positive obedience training to help him grow up to be the great dog he can be. (A commitment to completing an obedience training course is required in order to qualify to adopt Hans.)

We've noticed he seems to get spooked by some "strange" noises -- like a camera shutter clicking. He needs to be gradually socialized to new sounds and environments with lots of praise and rewards to build his confidence.