Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 7/29/14
Name: Desi
ID: #46769

Sex: F
Age: 2 years
Heartworm: Y (in treatment)

Desi is a very young, female German Shepherd -- likely well under a year old. She's still growing and has lots of puppy in her personality when she plays.

She is getting the knack of house training very quickly. She also appears to enjoy spending time in her kennel, so she's very easy to kennel train. She's doing great with the other dogs in her foster home too.

Desi is looking for an adopter with a soft touch and gentle demeanor. She's shy and hasn't seen much of the world, so she needs a quiet, patient home that will allow her to discover things at her own pace. She naturally gravitates to quiet, calm energy and finds it very reassuring.

Once she trusts someone, she's a world-class cuddler. She loves being on a lap or resting her head against a person she likes. We think she's going to bond very deeply with the special person who earns her love.

Desi is a smart girl, and she yearns to learn. She will thrive with positive-method obedience training methods to boost her self-confidence.