Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 8/7/2014
Name: Cooper
ID: #201418

Sex: M
Age: 1
Heartworm: N

Meet Cooper, a very special boy who came to Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue as an "Internet celebrity." A large number of people rallied to save him when his time was up in a high-kill shelter. When you meet him, it's easy to understand why.

Cooper appears to be the rarest-of-the-rare: a purebred tri-color "panda" German Shepherd. Panda-colored German Shepherds are known to occur in only one line of dogs, and the gene sometimes skips generations before making an appearance. There are not many that exist. Finding one in rescue only happens once in a blue moon. We don't have Cooper's papers and can't prove he's a panda, but he looks identical to the true pandas we've seen.

Cooper's rare coloring isn't what makes him special though--it's his temperament. This dog has never met a stranger. He loves everybody he meets. He adores kids in his foster home. He's great with other dogs, and even with cats. He is even fabulous with livestock.

He's still got the heart of a puppy and loves to play. He delights in playing "chase" games with other friendly dogs, and romping around. He's affectionate and sweet with people too.

As Cooper is still a very young dog, he needs an adopter who appreciates the importance of basic obedience training in this breed. He will thrive in a positive-method obedience course, as he has a strong desire to please.

Cooper is already house-trained in his foster home.