Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/21/14
Name: Blizzard
ID: #41287

Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 1.5 years
Heartworm: Yes (in treatment)

Blizzard is a beautiful White German Shepherd. He's about 3 years old. He's small for a male (just 51 pounds when he left the shelter), but he's very underweight. We expect he may top out close to 60 pounds once he gets some "groceries" in his foster home.

His name came from his former owner, who moved and couldn't take him along. We kept the name so that there's something familiar in his world, as he seems to have once been very loved. He's been gentle, sweet, and easy-going in his foster home and with volunteers and staff at the public shelter where he was surrendered. He's as bright and cheerful as a Spring day.

Blizzard would be a lovely first-dog for someone new to the breed. He's delightful with other dogs and has been lucky enough to be part of doggie play groups while he was living at the public shelter. He's walk well on a leash naturally, without any obedience training--with just the smallest bit of training, he'll be a super star. He wants very much to please and do the right thing, we think he'll pick things up very quickly.

He doesn't mind being in a kennel. He loves company. We also think he may already be housetrained, as tried hard not soil in his kennel at the public shelter--holding it all day until someone let him out into the exercise yard. That's behavior typical of a dog who's used to being inside a house.

Blizzard is proof that fabulous German Shepherds come in all colors. Whether you call him a White German Shepherd or a Berger Blanc Suisse, he's a magnificent dog.