Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/1/14
Name: Axel
ID: #201403

Sex: M
Age: 1-2 years

Axel is a very handsome, bi-color male German Shepherd Dog with a dashing white blaze on his chest. Despite his good looks and lovely disposition with us, he suffered some misfortune. He came to our rescue after he was shoved out of a car on a stretch of road in Livingston Parish known for people "dumping" dogs. Sadly, we live in a world where gorgeous, loving dogs are dumped on the road like trash.

The day Axel was dumped, he learned that when one door closes, another opens. His bad luck changed because a witness saw what had happened and stopped to help. This witness had watched Axel try to run after the car as it sped away, leaving this loving dog behind. He was abandoned and confused -- but not alone. While this person couldn't keep him, eventually someone called us to help. And that's when his luck changed!

As soon as we met Axel, we knew he'd be an RSGSR dog -- he's our kind of guy! We see him for the treasure he is. He's handsome, hunky, and very easy-going -- in fact, he seems to have never met a stranger, as everyone he encounters is expected to be a new buddy. If you are looking for a "guard dog," you'll have to look elsewhere -- with us, he's been friendly and sociable.

Despite being easy-going, Axel is a very strong dog who needs a strong leader. He would flourish the the structure and expectations of a good basic obedience course. He needs an adopter committed to following through with good training. He is a dog who also needs a commitment to regular exercise, as taking him for long walks seems to help him settle and relax.

In the home where Axel spent his first night after being found, he was reported to be good with kids, cats and small dogs. When we took him out for our meet-and-greet event, he didn't care who was handling his leash or petting him -- he was soaking up the attention very happily. He didn't mind the crowd of people at all. In fact, he just relaxed and enjoyed the party! When another dog got in his face, he just shrugged it off -- a lovely reaction in any dog!

In his foster home, he's easy-going and doesn't mind being kenneled. He's working on house manners and potty training. He apparently hadn't learned those things in his former life, so we'll help him figure it all out.

He appears to be a young dog -- his feet are still big, so we have a feeling he's not quite done growing. We estimate he's still under 2 years old, though we'll know more after he sees our vet for his check-up and neuter appointment.