Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/19/14
Name: Ava
ID: #201406

Sex: F
Age: 1 year
Heartworm: Yes (In treatment)

Ava is a beautiful, young GSD girl. She's just a year old -- barely an adolescent in this breed. She's always been a house dog, and she comes from a home that gave her good vet care.

Ava is looking for an adopter who is a good leader. Experience with this breed, or other working breeds, would be a big plus! Her adopter should be willing to commit to a good obedience course to help her bond and help her grow up to be the best dog possible.

Ava is energetic and needs someone in her life who is active. She would be a terrific running buddy. She's working on her leash manners in her foster home, and she'll get better and better as she starts formal obedience training.

Ava came to RSGSR when her former owner asked us for help. Ava was very loved and well cared for, but her family could not keep her. It was a heart-breaking decision, but they knew the best thing they could do for her was help her find a home that could give her the leadership, structure, and training she needs to reach her full potential. She's a gem of a dog, but she's not a couch potato and needs exercise and structure, like any young German Shepherd. In an active home with good leadership, she'll flourish.