Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 12/26/13
Name: Phoenix
ID: #41223

Sex: F
Age: 10
Heartworm: No

On Nov. 8, one of the Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue founders went to the Companion Animal Alliance (Baton Rouge's public shelter), expecting to drop off some paperwork and check on dogs who are waiting for foster spots to open. The day did not go as planned.

A miserable, emaciated female white German Shepherd had just arrived, brought in by animal control. She was so far gone that the vet staff had already made a decision to euthanize her humanely instead of letting her suffer in the shelter, where they lack the resources to nurse a dying dog back to health. The thought of this poor dog dying having known only hunger and misery made our hearts ache. We couldn't leave her to that fate.

Our foster homes are all full, but an experienced GSD "foster mom" who has nursed many other sick GSDs back to health opened up her home to take one more. She named the dog Phoenix, in hope that she'll rise out of the misery and thrive again.

We can't undo the past cruelty this dog has suffered. We can, however, do everything in our power to give her a future that's safe and loving, where she'll never know suffering again. We will slowly put weight on her, recharge her immune system, and get her the vet care she needs to survive. Then we'll find her a wonderful, loving home.

Since we brought Phoenx into our care, she has put on some much needed weight, become healthy, and showed us her playful side with the other dogs in her foster home. The latest updates on Phoenix's condition and progress are posted to her own facebook page