Red Stick German Shepherd Rescue
Adopted: 2/7/14
Name: Dorothy
ID: #36692

Sex: Female
Age: 10 years
Weight: 80
Heartworm: Yes (in treatment)
Temperment: No small dogs, cats ok

Dorothy is a large, purebred German Shepherd Dog, between 75-80 pounds. She's a very special senior dog. While she's estimated to be 8-10 years old--she has a lightness and joy to her personality that makes her seem like a much younger dog. Dorothy reflects everything that is wonderful about this breed: resilience, devotion, loyalty, and a very special emotional connection to family.

When Dorothy first arrived at the local public shelter in August, she was emaciated and in very poor condition. She had trouble walking because the muscles in her hindquarters were extremely atrophied and she'd lost most of the hair on her tail and back. She was a pitiful sight. She's left that version of herself behind and now looks only forward to a happy future.

She has since put on some much needed weight and gained muscle tone. Dorothy now enjoys going for short jogs with her foster papa, playing silly games, and snuggling. Her coat is thick and lush. She's substantial and strong again -- and she's got a great sense of humor.

Unfortunately, Dorothy's body tells us that she had a very hard life before we found her. At some point, she suffered an injury to one eye that caused her to lose vision in that eye. She manages fine with the other eye though. An x-ray of her spine shows lots of arthritis, though she doesn't seem to be in any pain. We suspect at some point earlier in her life, she might have sustained some unknown, major injury--perhaps a blow to the her head, or even being hit by a car.

On Nov. 24, Dorothy suffered from a series of cluster seizures. This was the first time we've known her to have seizures. She was rushed to the emergency vet over night, and then taken to Cypress Lake Animal Hospital the next day. While we still do not know the cause of the seizures, it is possibly due to some physical trauma earlier in her life--we just can't know for sure. This would be consistent with the condition of her spine and her injured right eye. Fortunately, Dorothy has responded very well to her anti-seizure medicine and hasn't had any more seizures. She'll likely need to stay on her medicine, but the medicine is very affordable (as little as $20/month for a generic drug available at any pharmacy).

Dorothy also tested positive for heartworms, which is not uncommon in Louisiana. She has not shown any signs of it affecting her. RSGSR has already started her "slow kill" treatment for her heartworms.

Dorothy has recovered well from her seizures and is back to her goofy, funny self. She still stumbles sometimes with her back end a bit when she is on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors, but she moves very well on carpet, grass, and asphalt. She loves to walk and play, and she's wonderful company. When her foster parents do chores, she follows them around to "help"--whether it's doing the dishes or folding laundry, she wants to be part of it.

With an imperfect, older dog with so much "wrong" with her, it's important to emphasize how much is right. She's housetrained -- going to the door and knocking it with her paw when she wants to go out. She's an easy-going, lovely companion. She's not destructive, has no separation anxiety, or other bad habits. She mostly ignores other big dogs, cats and chickens. While she doesn't mind small dogs, her clumsiness makes her not well suited for tiny dogs who might get stepped on (or fallen on).

She needs someone with a heart as big as hers is, who is willing to take her as she comes, and enjoy what a magnificent dog she is. All she asks is for some patience with her clumsiness, and keeping her on the inexpensive medicine that seems to be working so well for her. In return, you'll get a dog who worships the ground you walk on, who'll try hard to make you laugh, and who will never, ever allow you to feel lonely.